3 easy ways to make your investment in lessons more affordable

3 easy ways to make your investment in lessons more affordable

With June just right around the corner, you know what that means, right? (Warning: to be hummed) Dummmmm Dum Dum Dum Dummmm!? Yes, you guessed right! Summer time tuition will soon be due. If your palms are now getting slightly sweaty and your heart rate has jumped up a notch or two…then, as you were…keep on reading! 🙂

Let’s just be honest here! Music lessons are not cheap…in fact they are expensive! Private lessons are an incredible investment + gift that you sacrifice for to give your child (or to yourself, if you are one of my adult students!). The amazing perks and tools received as a result range from students learning to focus, increased brain development, time management, commitment, and even entry into some elite schools on this island!

But what are you really getting for your money? Are we String Teachers robbing you with our high prices? I’ll let you make that decision. The high value of a specialty String Teacher actually stems back to their childhood.

(Quick Value Plug: Master’s Degree No. 2 ~ Counseling Psychologist coming out for a sec!)

Many quality teachers have made lengthy and costly investments throughout most of their lives towards the skill they are blessed to share with you…years of private lessons, countless hours in the practice room, costs of buying music, and paying for college degrees! Being string professionals, most have had to buy instruments and bows that cost about the same amount as you would pay for a new car (and on up)!

But more importantly, here is the priceless value that I give to you and each student.

1. A well-rounded, smarter student who knows how to practice their instrument both independently and efficiently.

2. An insatiable love of music and a GREAT musical & personal self-esteem, which includes being able to perform in a healthy and positive way.

3. Having a recommendation for life from me, and a unique skill to brag about when applying for schools and college.

Bottom line? Do the math.

The priceless value + the above music skills = OUTSTANDING LIFE SKILLS
Lessons are truly a stealthy life skills investment. As students mature, they begin to apply the learned attributes in handling life’s challenges!

Here are the 3 Easy Ways to Make Your Investment in Lessons More Affordable
This is what you really wanted to read right? So here are a few savvy ways you can make it at least a lil’ more easy peasy on the pocket book starting today!

1. Geico Theory

Want to just pay lesson by lesson? Here’s how you do it.

Having been self-employed, and not having that steady paycheck coming in, I have learned some helpful bill paying methods, and I pass them along to you. You probably know that some companies give you a small break if you pay longer term…Geico for example gives a nice little discount if you pay your premium twice a year, instead of monthly.

Other bills I have, for example my viola insurance, send an invoice out once a year! So instead of getting worry-ful and stressed out, when those payments are going to be soon due, I decided to open some separate free checking accounts and I started to set aside money each month. It makes me feel like I am paying the bill monthly, but once the bill is actually due? Well….the money is right there waiting to be used!

The Challenge: After paying the summer tuition at the beginning of June, why not start paying yourself $35 for each lesson to a new account? Or put yourself on a monthly plan! Be creative! Then in September you will have saved up three months worth of lesson tuition!

2. Refer Students and Get a Free Month of Lessons

I have tons of biz cards. Want some to keep handy? Did you know if you refer a student to me, and they take at least a month of lessons, that I will give you a free month of lessons? That is a $140 value! Refer a handful of folks and you could potentially end up with free lessons!

The Challenge: Ask me for some biz cards, join my biz FB pages, post about me on your FB wall. Get the word out! Yodel it from the roof tops!

3. Pay by Trimester Instead of Monthly

For you monthly payers out there, paying by trimester can save you up to $260 a year!

The Challenge: Start doing the Geico Challenge #1 (above), and then you will be able to afford to pay long term and save! 🙂

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