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Notes of Inspiration for Music Teachers ~ How to run A Music Studio Challenge - Bree Lewis
Notes of Inspiration for Music Teachers ~ How to run A Music Studio Challenge

Notes of Inspiration for Music Teachers ~ How to run A Music Studio Challenge

Isn’t it sweet to see the excitement of the parents during their child’s first lesson? Last week, after one of those first lessons, I had discovered that the mom posted a few pictures of us to her FB page, sharing with her network the excitement of her little boy’s first violin lesson.

What was neat was that it spurred on dialogue within the post, wherein some of her local friends mentioned how they too, wanted to get their kids into music lessons, and then my name was mentioned! Wow, what a great way to get some exposure right?

And then after a fabulous coaching session with one of my Thriving Music Studio clients, I decided to share with you a fun marketing strategy to try out with your studio. We brainstormed ideas on how one could use the “Challenge Model” with our students! I am actually trying it out this next week.

How I run a Music Studio FB Challenge

1. Send an email explaining the challenge and recruit those who want to participate! I include the dates, tasks to be performed, the process, and of course the prizes, so they can know for sure what they are committing to.

2. Once they have signed up, make sure they are your FB friend so they can tag you. Also have them “like” your business FB page so they can “Check in”. Lastly, you send them a task email each day to complete on FB.

3. At the end, award the prizes!


Day 1: Post a picture on FB of your child practicing and write the following post. “______ practicing hard for his/her lesson with Ms. Bree.” Be sure to tag me in the picture to qualify.

Day 2: When you arrive to your lesson this week, take a selfie with the sign I will have posted on my door. Post this selfie on FB by doing a “Check in” on your mobile device when you arrive. The sign should have your contact info. on it!

Day 3: Take a picture with me, and our instruments during our lesson. Post on FB and write, “_______ and his/her violin teacher Ms. Bree”. Be sure to tag me.

Day 4: Post a testimonial to my FB biz page.

Day 5: Post a super fun YouTube video to FB to show your friends how cool playing an instrument is. It could be a young child prodigy, Lindsey Stirling, or something like this.

Prize Ideas

Everyone who completes all five tasks will get a small prize, but there will be a drawing at the end for a bigger prize for people who have completed all of the tasks. The big prize will be cash or gift card of your choice and the amount will depend on the amount of people who participate!

If one person participates it will be a $15 gift card, if two participate it will be $30, three – then $45, etc. (Not to exceed $100).

Want to follow my Music Studio Challenge next week?

You can sign up here to receive the Challenge emails next week (Monday, 2/23 – 2/27)

Sign up for the Challenge email list here!

Now, I want to hear from you! Do you have any task or prize ideas to share? The Thriving Music Studio has a FB Group Community for teachers only! Come on over and share!

Here’s to getting more students!



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