Featuring Your Studio at a Local Community Symphony Concert

Featuring Your Studio at a Local Community Symphony Concert

So if you’ve been following me, you’ll know that my husband is currently deployed and me and my little boy are visiting family in California…for 9 months! Honestly, it’s been a blast to live in my hometown again after all these years…22 to be exact! I filled my studio within two weeks of arriving, played with the local Desert Community Orchestra {DCO}, and also helped my old string teachers run their weekly Suzuki group class, they call String Along.

Featuring Your Studio at a Local Community Symphony Concert

For such a small town, I have to say there is quite a great turn out to the DCO concerts! I was quite impressed at what I saw take place during their recent Holiday concert. The local Suzuki violin String Along group gave their Christmas concert right after intermission. They played about 6 Holiday songs.

Why was this amazing?
  • The String Along children and their parents got to watch the local symphony play…and the parents had to buy their tickets which helped boost ticket sells and support of keeping the symphony alive and well.
  • The usual DCO concert attendees got the treat of seeing the String Along group play = amazing publicity for all private teachers, in front of a crowd of people who might be more likely to sign their kids up for lessons, or at least share about it to others via word of mouth.
  • The orchestra sells program ads and I know if I was ever to live here again, that will be one program to definitely buy an ad to market my studio.
  • Bottom line, the concert was filled with a full house!

What can you do?

Most of the local community and symphony concerts likely have already performed their winter concert for this year, but perhaps you can round up a group for the Spring concerts! The time to prep for such a thing would be now. (Suzuki string groups, horn choirs, harp ensembles, cello groups, children’s choirs, etc.)

How to make it happen

It is obviously easier to make it happen if you already have relationships established with your conductor and orchestra board members. Why not send some necessary people a Christmas card today to nurture those relationships, and start devising a “pitch” letter or email to get on the program for a future concert line up!

Here’s a sample pitch letter for you!

Dear {VIP},

Hope you are having a wonderful Holiday season! I have loved {participating in the /attending the} local symphony concerts. I have a great idea that I wanted to run by you to see if it would be of any interest. I have a group of ______ that I would love to feature in one of your next concerts this upcoming Spring. We could perhaps play before the concert starts as guests are coming in to sit down, or right after intermission. Here are the potential benefits:

  • New attendees for the concerts (students, parents, siblings, and their friends).
  • A boost in ticket sells.
  • A great way to support music in our schools and advocate for music education.
  • Possible leads for private teachers in the area to be able to teach more students.

Please let me know if this is something that would be of interest to {you/the orchestra} in the future!

The Happiest of Holidays to you!


{Your name}

Not Sure this will work for you?

Why not collaborate with another teacher or two to make it happen! If you are not feeling confident going it alone ~ remember strength in numbers!

This marketing strategy is just like one of the 88 strategies featured within my new book that has just launched! It’s called The Handbook of Marketing Strategies for Music Teachers.

Here’s to creating a Thriving Music Studio!

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