three tips to get your kids to practice

three tips to get your kids to practice

“Only practice on the days in which you eat.”
~ Shinichi Suzuki

We all know consistent practice is truly the ONLY way to gain success and growth in learning to play an instrument. Here are three tips to get your kids to practice and stimulate good practice habits.

1. Take lessons from your kids, and pay them for the lesson! A few years back, my student’s grandma lovingly cajoled her young grand-daughter into practicing by paying her $3 a lesson. (To be fair that was in Hawaii. Cost of living is much cheaper in Missouri, so you could probably pay much lower! Haha!)

What an amazing seed planted at a such young age on how to be independent and self-sufficient. It is true that we learn much better when we have to teach it! It reinforces what was learned, so this was definitely a win-win for sure!

Be sure to ask for a lot of demonstrations from “your teacher” if you go this route!

2. No practice? Have them pay for the lessons. Set practice boundaries with your kids. Do they get an allowance? If they do not practice to the times established, have them pay for a portion (or all) of the lesson! You have made a commitment to pay for the lesson, the gas, and time it takes to bring them to the lesson. Isn’t it only fair that they learn to show appreciation to you by working hard in return?

3. Lovingly lay down the law. My last tip is to remind you that you are the parent, and you are in charge. Lessons have so many benefits. I’m thinking more over the years that the best benefits that are reaped are the students learning discipline, respect, and commitment. AND the parents get an opportunity to creatively exercise their authority as head of household. How would you handle it if your child refused to do his homework? Or take a bath? Or put on a seat belt? You most likely enforce these things because it is necessary. Lessons sure cost a lot more than a bath, so don’t feel guilty enforcing practice. You will be laying some GREAT foundations within them that will surely flourish in the future!

As always, thank you so much for reading! Do you have any creative ways you enforce practicing at home? Please come on over now to the Studio FB page and share your experiences!

Suggested Practice times

The length of time practiced is not as important as the amount of days practiced, as well as the efficiency used while practicing.

Ages 2-5: 10 min at least 6 days a week
Ages 6-8: 15 min at least 6 days a week
Ages 8-15: 30 min at least 6 days a week
Ages 15 and up: Hobby student 30 min at least 6 days a week
Ages 15 and up: Serious student 45min to an hour a day.

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