Handbook of Marketing Strategies for Music Teachers

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Handbook of Marketing Strategies for Music Teachers

Some exciting news! I have launched my newest project, an eBook called The Handbook of Marketing Strategies for Music Teachers: 88 Free and Low Cost Ways to Book Your Studio Full. You can download yours here.

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This interactive guide is intended to help you create a vibrant studio filled with music and students. You’ll learn the basics of how to make money while following your passion.

This project was developed as a collection of 88 bite size business strategies especially for music teachers. The ideas within are the results of both my own experience and time spent coaching music teachers in turning their love for music and teaching into a real business.

You’ll find all sorts of creative ways to market your studio and find more students without breaking the bank.

Some of my suggestions and strategies are easy fixes and ideas. Others will take more time and energy. Some ideas will resonate with you, and some will not. My goal here is to provide you with enough strategies and ideas so you have plenty to choose from.

You may already have a working studio, but just need some fresh ideas for marketing. You might be brand new to a music studio business start-up and want to get going as quickly as possible. Whatever your situation, this guide is flexible and you can work on what you want whenever (and if) you want to!

I would love to give you a sample chapter to give you an idea of the layout. Click here to check it out!

I grew my Hawaii studio to 70+ students and recently, filled my California studio within two weeks of my move. Let me show you how I did it!

Topics Covered

Within this handbook, there are 88 bite size easy to set into motion strategies that cover the following topics.

Music Studio Basics

Utilizing Social Media

Building a Website

Utilizing Visual Media

Networking Ideas

Marketing Tips

Advertising Strategies

This handbook is for you if:
  • One on one coaching isn’t right for you
  • You enjoy working at your own pace
  • You would like to increase your studio without pouring forth a lot of money
  • You would like new and fresh ideas to creatively market
  • You feel overwhelmed and tired of passing out flyers and advertising in the newspaper
  • Would truly like to see yourself as a business owner
  • You want to be more financially comfortable!
  • Want to learn how to brand yourself both online and offline in an irresistible way

I am so excited to have created this Handbook. Being a military wife, we have moved around enough times to have put these ideas into practice to quickly build new studios each time (sometimes within weeks!)

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