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A little about me.
A Little About Me

A Little About Me

A little about me. As a youngster, I grew up in a small dusty desert town, Ridgecrest, CA. It was a safe town. I started out my entrepreneurial journey at the age of 5 by coloring pics in my coloring book and selling them door to door, having lemonade stands, and finally graduating to mowing yards and washing windows. In high school, I actually got my first viola student. I rode my bike to her house to teach and I charged $5 an hour! 🙂 I also started the Sierra String Quartet with my orchestra friends and we played for parties and weddings in my town using our old Jr. High orchestra music. Funny right?

Moving on to college, I survived financially pretty good in Rochester, NY by gigging and teaching….while all of my serious musician friends were busy practicing….I got busy finding work. I organized the Ambassador String Quartet. I photocopied music from the Sibley Music Library, and made two sets of gig binders. And was able to hire out other groups to play when I was double booked. I made a lot of good, fast money, and lots of great memories with my friends who could sight-read.

After college, I got my first teaching job outside NYC at Monroe-Woodbury Middle School. Not as many great musicians available in terms of time or great sight-reading abilities, so I started to place my focus more on private teaching. I found Mimi Butler, and read her wonderful books How to Make Money Teaching Private Lessons and How to Make More Money teaching Private Lessons. I devoured her stuff and if you like the stuffs I share with you, I would definitely check her out because she is my hero!

After 10 amazing years on the East Coast, it was a time for change….I wanted to move closer to my family on the west coast….after checking out the ASTA website, I ended up taking advantage of a 1 year interim teaching position in Honolulu. Barak Obama’s childhood school actually. After that job was over, I had gotten pretty involved at my church and I mostly just wanted to travel and go on mission trips. So I did!

I took the 10 students I had gathered that first year at Punahou School, and those 10 turned into 70 +! Presently, I am so spoiled by being self-employed…..I love the freedom, and though I really miss conducting middle school kids, I have been able to have the time to get another masters degree in counseling and kind of use what I have learned to help all of my students in the area of performing with self-esteem (hopefully with and without the instrument). I have soft launched a performance coaching biz as well, although my main focus right now is to build a studio.

I am 36, married and pregnant with my first child, a boy! Oh and I have 4 crazy wiener dogs that I love like children! Hope you had a great New Year’s Eve Day!

Until next time! It is because of you that I keep at it every day, doing what I can to help you create a Thriving Studio! As always ~ many thanks for taking the time to read this week’s blog! If you like what you read, please consider joining my once a month newsletter for more tips just like this!



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