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a Black Friday tip to get more students
a Black Friday tip to get more students

a Black Friday tip to get more students

Black Friday Deals….Everyone’s doing it, why not music teachers too? Here’s a Black Friday tip to get more students before the Holidays!

Today’s Tip: Starting Black Friday, why not offer 2 months of free instrument rental for new students who start lessons within the month of December?

That is what the Bree Lewis Music Studio offers on Black Friday and throughout the rest of each year. Two months of rental here in Texas runs about $50. I reimburse new students their “free instrument rental” in the form of a $50 credit that gets applied to their January tuition bill. That way, they complete their December lessons, and have to buy at least a couple lessons in January too. Doing it this way can help you make the Black Friday special work.

Now, I want to hear from you! Do you have any fun Black Friday tips to share? The Thriving Music Studio has a Facebook Group – come on over and share!

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